Arthur P. Schmidt in the Digital Age

Detail from Henshaw Dana’s ”It Was a Knight of Aragon” (1878).

Determined to spend at least part of my summer “break” on work that was not so serious and/or urgent, I recently digitized a couple of first editions from American music publisher Arthur P. Schmidt for the International Music Score Library Project. While Schmidt’s catalogue was already well-represented, visitors to the library can now download complete scans of Henshaw Dana’s “It Was a Knight of Aragon” (1878), with lyrics by Thomas Bailey Aldrich, and Wilhelm Carl Ernst Seeboeck’s Impromptu-Nocturne Op.118, No.1 (1902) for solo piano. Both works have long been in the public domain, an essential prerequisite for inclusion in the library, and are moreover long out of print. My hope is that scholars and even performers will once again find value in the two pieces, for which full bibliographical information appears below.

Dana, Henshaw. “It Was a Knight of Aragon: Song for Baritone or Bass.” Lyrics by Thomas Bailey Aldrich. Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1878. Plate A.P.S. 41.

Seeboeck, W. C. E. “Impromptu-Nocturne.” Six Pièces Charactéristiques, Op. 118, no. 1. Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1902. Plate A.P.S. 5644.